Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality driving courses offered throughout the state of Indiana. We are committed to teaching each student the safety and responsibility required to operate a motor vehicle. At Circle City Driving Academy, safety comes first. Our training programs and defensive driving course ensure that we only put safe and responsible drivers on the road.

What this means for our students – When driving a motor vehicle, safety is the most important aspect for the student and others. Our students gain safety and defensive driving skills by incorporating the S.P.I.D.E.R Model (Scan, Predict, Identify, Decide, Execute, Reflect) for safe and legal driving.

The Differentiation

What separates Circle City Driving Academy from other driving schools is our commitment to incorporating mindfulness driving during the in-vehicle experience. Driving can be an incredibly stressful activity, but it can also be a tremendous opportunity to develop mindfulness.

What this means for our students – When students drive motor vehicles, they usually experience tensions in the body, such as: (1) a knot in the belly, (2) hands that grip the steering wheel tightly, (3) a clenched jaw or (4) other related tensions that can prohibit effective driving. When students notice and can effectively address these experiences, it allows the body to relax to ensure a positive driving experience.

The Classroom

We have an advanced, virtual classroom program that incorporates videos and other pertinent training materials that keeps our students engaged while completing their 30 hours of classroom training. The course is facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are there to ensure students have the information they need to be a legal and safe driver.

What this means for you – Our advanced, virtual classroom is designed to ease tension and build confidence to prepare our students for the in-vehicle experience with a certified Circle City Driving Academy instructor.

What our customers are saying about us

- Rebecca Lansberry

My daughter’s experience having Mr. James as her driving instructor was such a positive and encouraging one. After her first lesson, she was not nervous about her driving lessons. His calm demeanor instantly put her at ease. Mr. James provides constructive feedback after the lesson that helps your learning driver to become better. I have no doubt that years from now my daughter will remember Mr. James fondly and his supportive instructions that helped shaped her driving abilities.

- The Boak Family

It is comforting to know that we can always call Dr. Dix for follow-up lessons to help hone the skills necessary to pass the test and become a responsible driver. We recommend Dr. Dix, without qualm or qualification, not only for excellent driving instruction but also for the mentorship, guidance, and caring attitude he imparts to those he teaches.

- Heather Hertenstein

As parents, we really enjoyed meeting Dr. Dix and thought he had a great attitude. He seemed calm and at ease with our new driver. We also never had to wait on appointment times. The feedback we received from our son was also very reassuring. We felt at ease knowing he was in good hands. Very much appreciated knowing the course agenda each time and receiving verbal evaluations at the end. All in all, it was a great experience for us.

Thank You!

- Allison Montgomery

My daughter’s instructor (Dr. Dix) had good communication skills and walked her through everything she would do before the lesson, so she knew what was going to happen. In addition, Dr. Dix was polite and easy to talk to and provided a good balance of corrections and compliments. Lastly, the lessons seemed to be in good order, so my daughter wasn’t overwhelmed (i.e.. On the highway on 5th lesson instead of 1st).

- Jennifer Stonebraker

Charlotte had an excellent driving experience. She was very nervous for the first drive (she is a pretty anxious kid by nature) but after one lesson she felt at ease. I was impressed with Dr. Dix’s communication and feedback after every drive. Plus, knowing a preview of what the next drive would entail was helpful as there were some situations she was unfamiliar with.  We were able to talk through those in advance. The lessons progressed at an appropriate pace building on skills learned the drive before so that nothing was overwhelming.

- Atticus Hale

Dr. James W. Dix III is an outstanding driving instructor! He is very nice and friendly. I’ve learned a lot from him with my 6 drives and rarely had questions because he already taught me, so I didn’t have to ask. I’ve heard countless stories about how people felt that their driving instructor was scary or rude, and Dr. Dix is definitely not one of them. I’m so glad that I had a great experience with my instructor. He also had his own motto for driving lessons, “What’s the name of the game? Stay in your lane”, which I thought helped engage me more into improving my driving skills. Overall, Mr. Dix is a really cool guy!